CORONAVIRUS Healing Available In "Physical Healing" Collection
CORONAVIRUS Healing Available In "Physical Healing" Collection

Cut All Etheric Cords of Attachment Using Scalar Waves

cut etheric cords of attachment


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Learn how to cut cords with someone and release emotional attachments – so you can move on without the burden of past relationships.

You might have ended many significant relationships in your life, but beware! You might be still energetically connected with them - draining your life force.

Discover bioresonance remote healing service to cut all etheric cords of attachment. Remove all energy draining negative cords of attachment and repair all positive etheric attachments, so you can experience healthy relationship with your loved ones. Act now to experience breakthrough New Age scalar waves healing TODAY!


  1. What are etheric cords
  2. Who needs to cut
  3. How to cut?
  4. How it works
  5. Benefits of cord cutting
  6. Remote sessions
  7. How many days?
  8. Add-on extras
  9. Why choose us?
  10. Get started

1. What are etheric cords?

TOP 9 interesting facts about etheric cords.

  1. You are born with etheric cords with your parents.
  2. During your lifetime you establish many etheric cords of attachment with other people.
  3. You also establish etheric cords of attachment with people you have never met in your lifetime(think about celebrities).
  4. Etheric cords are invisible energy structures that connect you from your energy bodies(aura, chakras, etc) and extend out of you to connect other people's energy bodies.
  5. Etheric cords or chords are also known as cords of attachment, ethereal cords, energy cords, silver cords, or psychic cords.
  6. Cords of attachment are made of astral and etheric energies.
  7. You share positive etheric cords with other people when you share a relationship based on love, care, and common understanding.
  8. You share negative etheric cords with other people when either one exhibit negative feeling towards another person.
  9. Etheric cords transmit feelings so you could be unintentionally picking up other people's negative energy.

2. Who need to cut etheric cords?

Periodic etheric cord maintenance is essential for healing etheric cords and improving your relationship just like weeding is important for healthy growth of plants in your garden. Everyone shall do etheric cord maintenance attunement periodically(4-6 months).

Some people move on from past relationships to leave behind abuse, anger, grief, betrayal, heartbreak, pain, and hurt; but the same experience continues to follow them even if they change people or place. If that is your story too, then cutting all your etheric cords of attachment will end your repetitive cycle so you can excel in your life.

If you want to strengthen your relation with your loved ones then cutting all your cords and then repairing all beneficial cords will create more healthy relationship with your loved ones.

3. How to cut cords of attachment?

3 EASY steps to cut cords of attachment effectively and release emotional toxins of past relationships within 3 days.

  1. Order 1-3 repetition of WAVES2CURE remote healing service "Cut All Etheric Cords Of Attachment Using Scalar Waves."
  2. Upload your full name, photograph, and address using a google form(a link will be provided post order)
  3. Receive scalar energy healing broadcasting for cutting etheric cords and healing etheric cords

4. How does our remote healing work?

Our remote bioresonance healing process will cut & sever All etheric connections, not in accord with the divine path for all time-frames. We remove all roots embedded within your auric bodies or chakras. We are able to produce Scalar Healing Frequencies embedded with information for cutting cords of attachment and healing all etheric cords, using a photograph of the person in question.Please see our article to discover what are scalar waves and how it can benefit the mankind and our planet.

This way of healing is based on bio-resonance principles and proofed by the latest and cutting-edge science on Quantum Physics. Scientifically physical instruments are used to make sure that the Waves work. Please see how bio-resonance healing works.

5. What are benefits of cutting etheric cords?

Experience AMAZING 9 benefits of cutting etheric cords of attachment!

  1. Clear and release emotional attachments which are restrictive and holding you back
  2. Clear and release emotional blocks that are not for your highest good
  3. Clear and release toxic emotions from past relationships/experiences.
  4. Create or repair existing attachments which are for your highest good
  5. Create a new found freedom from the past
  6. Create more clarity, peace and freedom in your life
  7. Create a more healthy connection to yourself and your loved ones
  8. Allow transition in life by letting go
  9. Stop energy drain out to negative attachments

6. What remote sessions do you get?

In each repetition, YOU get highly effective and PROVEN 7 remote healing sessions loaded with SECRET frequencies.

  1. Toxic emotions cleansing
  2. Cut all etheric cords including those not in your best interest(contact us if you want to cut only those not in your best interest).  All cords will be cut from the root embedded within your auric bodies or chakras. 
  3. Release anything that is not for your higher good(NEW Session)
  4. Repair positive etheric cords which are in your best interest
  5. Cut cords forcefully that draw unhealthy amounts of life-force energy from you.
  6. Install fast spinning outer bubble of protection that can cut any unwanted cords or attachment.
  7. Fill up subtle energy field with Love + White Light

7. How many days of healing do you get?

You get ⚡ POWERFUL energy healing broadcasting from 3 to 9 days depending on how many repetition you purchased.

  • For 1 repetition, you get 3 days broadcast.
  • For 2 repetition, you get 6 days broadcast in 2 weeks
  • For 3 repetition, you get 9 days broadcast in 3 weeks.

8. Add-On EXTRAS

EXCLUSIVE add-on extra sessions for your effective cord healing experience!

  • Connect To the Source. We all share a cord with the divine, Let's activate your connection with the Source, the God. Very useful for energy workers or light-workers.
  • Cords to the Sun for Masculine Energy. We all are connected with the Sun from where we get our Masculine Energy. Let's activate your cords with the Sun.
  • Cords to the Earth for Feminine Energy. We all share a cord with our mother earth from where we draw feminine energy. Let's activate your cords with the Earth.

9. Why choose WAVES2CURE™?

👌TOP 5 exciting reasons for using our remote healing services.

  • One of the best online healer with 6+ years of experience
  • Professional service
  • Affordable pricing
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • 1400+ happy customers in 56+ countries

10.  Act now to order our remote healing services to cut all your etheric cords and release emotional attachments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Amazing! Highly recommended

Amazing again!

This session is so incredibly powerful, I was extremely drained and tired on the first day the cords were cut but was told to expect this so wasn't too worried. Over the next few days I felt better and better and by the end of the healing I had such a profound feeling of being free and felt more like myself than I've felt in a long time. I can highly recommend this session to anyone!


My treatment was filled with revisits in dreams to incidents as old as forty years ago. The difference in it though is, my frame of mind was different in the visions and I felt confidence. The scenarios I dreamt were incidents of me being more or less the victim. In this case now the scenario was the same except, I was not a victim, I was aware of the scenario but I was confident. Even after awakening the feeling of confidence remained. I would urge others to have it, this is profound.

Amazing, as always

Thank you, this really does work and fast. I noticed a shift in my energy, like something had lifted. An hour later, I checked my e-mails and saw I'd received a confirmation of cords being cut. Do this every three months to keep your energy field cleansed. :-)

Thank you for trusting our healing services over two years and sharing your experience with us. We indeed recommend everyone to cut cords at least once in 3-6 months.

Safe chord cutting very powerful

I have had chords cut twice about a year apart as I am an energy therapist myself it’s necessary. The first time I thought it would be a week hence but I had a vivid dream of all sorts of people from my past and when I checked emails next morning the broadcast had sure enough been done ! This time, again noticeable tiredness at first but that is because they don’t just slice chords leaving roots in body - they remover roots too which is the only safe and effective way as obviously those chords could re- establish over time as per the way lots of people do it. I then felt increased energy and a sense of peace and over the next couple of weeks a sense of forgiveness to a couple of people who had been not great towards me. Thanks I will be using this again as maintenance given my occupation as a certified SHEN Therapist.

That is indeed amazing result of your healing! Thank you for sharing detailed account of your experiences! We take a pride to render our healing services to professional healers like yourself!

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