CORONAVIRUS Healing Available In "Physical Healing" Collection
CORONAVIRUS Healing Available In "Physical Healing" Collection

Bioresonance Therapy Reviews

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Amazing gig!

Within a few days from the first broadcasting, my communication is improved, I was less coward and more confident. When the gig is delivered, I felt very powerful and everything I said, people around me tend to believe more.

Clear Soul Blocks

For the past few years I’ve tried lots of different healings but my life has changed when I discovered waves2cure. All gigs are very powerful, highly recommended!

About this particular gig I’ve been told that it takes time to see the full results but I already feel amazing, I see things clearly now and small issues that once bothered me, now are not significant. Thank you 🙏

Thank you for sharing your review feedback! We are very happy that you have positive experience of all gigs you tried so far.

Subconscious Cleansing delivers

From the first broadcast I noticed a distinct difference in the way I felt. I waited until the broadcast was completely over to confirm the following. I feel new and my thinking is much more determined and clear. I now put me up front in my thinking which was definitely not there before. Moreover I feel relaxed clear and confident. Great program.

Soul retrieval

Definitely felt different and had vivid dream. Highly recommend!


One of the best healers and kind person out there..his healing works arm was in pain and now it is so much better ..thank u so much

It’s amazing!

This service helped me fast without any struggle- made it so easy! Thank you!

immune system booster

An intuitive i work with says the waves are stabilizing and my son’s body likes it. He cannot articulate any change himself . We are also curing a long term illness so will take time.

Felt different and saw results

First time I’ve ever done anything like this. Great buying experience as Nimesh explained everything clearly.
Once I received the healing after a couple days I felt pulsating on my head and immediately knew it was working as I received a list of possible signs. It helped me in my meditation and concentration. And gave me a boost and stopped procrastinating. Thanks.

I could feel it!

If I hadnt stayed up all night I wouldnt have been awake early early in the morning to feel my body buzzing, but it happened both days the Kiss of God was done. So if I can feel myself vibrating, it must be working!

Amazing again!

This session is so incredibly powerful, I was extremely drained and tired on the first day the cords were cut but was told to expect this so wasn't too worried. Over the next few days I felt better and better and by the end of the healing I had such a profound feeling of being free and felt more like myself than I've felt in a long time. I can highly recommend this session to anyone!

Knee Healing

Since the Knee Healibg session, I haven't had any knee issues so far. Thank you Waves2cure!

Exceeded my expectations

This absolutely works so well. I felt a incredible and tangible difference in my self and how I felt within the first session. I felt lighter and more free in my mind like a heavy burden had been removed, and the only way I can explain it is that it felt like there was physically more space in my head now. Absolutely invaluable healing when you have been through trauma or suffer with your mind like I do. I can 100% recommend this healer and service.


I did this while I was intermittent fasting and doing keto. It worked really well. Everyday I woke up and was getting in better and better shape. I cant wait to do it again!


My treatment was filled with revisits in dreams to incidents as old as forty years ago. The difference in it though is, my frame of mind was different in the visions and I felt confidence. The scenarios I dreamt were incidents of me being more or less the victim. In this case now the scenario was the same except, I was not a victim, I was aware of the scenario but I was confident. Even after awakening the feeling of confidence remained. I would urge others to have it, this is profound.

I fell and injured my knee

Waves2Cure went above and beyond my expectations. I appreciate this healing.

Thank You for Amazing Service

Thank You for Amazing Service


Due to an e-mail glitch I was not aware of the broadcast. However I contacted customer service to make them aware. When they resent the notification, I was able to confirm a profound dream I had, which coordinated with the timing of the broadcast. I have just completed the cleansing and the degree of confidence and inner strength I feel , confirms something has changed and it must be due to the cleansing. I feel reconnected to a source of confidence and strength in all of my thoughts , hence in my actions. Thanks .

Great to pair with a cleansing diet

I had to cleanse my body for a month and I must say that this detox definitely helped enhance what I was already doing!
I feel lighter! I will be back!

Works as described !!!

I bought the premium service for acne removal. The service worked exactly as promised. Nimesh was very active and organized with giving me updates. He was even considerate and offered additional help when I felt it didn’t work. With me, after a few days I noticed it had all cleared. I didn’t need any additional treatments. Would definitely recommend and will be getting further treatments in other areas. Thank you!


I have been on a journey to strengthen my hair and to retain growth. I’ve kept my regular routine and the only change I made was adding the scalar wave! What a big change. I definitely noticed length and strength. I will be doing this quite a few time.

Instant results

After a wonderful experience of aura chakra healing, I opted to activate angel guides to receive divine guidance. I was clearly told after the session what all to expect, for my surprise right after I ended the call I started to see the signs of angel communications. It's a wonderful experience overall. Will take a few more gigs in future too. Will definitely recommend him to all my known persons. Thank you very much for the service.

Wonderfull experience

I communicated with the person, he patiently gave a detailed explanation, which showed he is a super expert in his field. I agree to go ahead. Everyday when he did the sessions I felt too tired and went to sleepy early but the next day I woke up early and so fresh. Tried to check my aura levels using reiki method, it was astonishingly strong, I never had such a result before, even when my reiki guru worked on my Aura. It's a wonderful experience overall. Will take few more gigs in future too. Will definitely recommend him to all my known persons. Thank you very much for the service.

We are very happy for your wonderful experience and thank LORD for allowing us to be helpful. I will like to add for the benefits of other users that we advised you to try PREMIUM package with add-on-extra session 'Connect To Source' since you are into healing., Activating fifth dimensional chakras have impact on effectiveness of your energy healing work. We look forward to help you more in the future!

Noticed a difference!

My package was just completed two days ago and I can already notice how much happier I feel!

Premium Package – Clear Money blocks for financial abundance - observations

With regard to the key session - "Respect & Appreciation"
I received an appreciation email from a wholesaler.

With regard to the "Profitability" session, I received more payment from the wholesaler.

Last time this buyer had BASIC package and this time PREMIUM package for business success. Some of the results are reflective of additional sessions of PREMIUM package.. Thant is indeed an amazing result! Thanks for your kind review feedback!!!