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Treating Knee Pain Without Surgery Using Scalar Waves

Treating Knee Pain Without Surgery Using Scalar Waves

Knee pain has gradually become a common physical concern among people of all generations. There are various reasons why individuals face knee pain.  Joint disorders, ruptured ligament, various types of arthritis, torn cartilage- these all are a few common reasons why people go through knee pain trouble.

Few injuries can also be the cause of knee pain for some people. Such as ligament or tender injuries, infected and thickened synovial fluid can result in serious knee pain that can also damage the cartilage and the bones of your legs badly. Some people also go through dysfunctionality because of these reasons.

People who are into sports like soccer, football, basketball or some other sports often face a common knee injury, called An ACL injury. When the anterior cruciate ligament of your knee gets torn during any type of fast movements, then your shinbone and thighbone get effected since this ligament forms a connection between your shinbone to your thighbone. Athletes and player often change their fields due to this injury.

According to some surveys, eighty percent of people have lost their functionality due to bike or car accidents. Road accidents are very common for us and during those accidents knee bone fracture is the most common injury people around us face.

Kneecap is a very essential part of our knee as it covers the front portion of the knee. Kneecap dislocation happens when this triangular-shaped bone gets dislocated to the outside of the knee. Sometimes this dislocation becomes visible from outside as well.

According to specialists some people tend to develop severe knee pain because of the foot or hip pain. People tend to put more stress on a particular knee joint to prevent hip pain and that leads them towards knee problems.

We all are aware of a common problem, that is gout but we may not sure about the consequences of that. Gout is one type of arthritis where uric acid gets clustered in the knee joint. Most of the time it affects the big toe by this but it may cause knee trouble as well.

Symptoms like knee swelling, redness, knee pain may refer to a knee problem, called septic arthritis. In septic arthritis, knee cartilage gets damaged and causes tremendous pain to knee joints. This usually comes with a high fever or inflammation.

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