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Procrastination Healing Through Scalar Waves

Procrastination Healing Through Scalar Waves

Procrastination Healing Through Scalar Waves

The word “procrastination” is originally derived from the Latin word “procrastinare”, that means “deferred until tomorrow”. It is funny because that’s exactly what most of us say when we are procrastinating!

We often say ‘ahh, I’ll do it tomorrow’…. then it gradually becomes our habit to say the exact same thing tomorrow and eventually, we delay the task or we end up never doing it.

Everyone procrastinates at some point in his life. People who avoid their important emotions so much that it results in a negative spiral of emotions that has a snowball effect.

So, we need to understand that, what are the main reasons for procrastination.

Procrastination is a challenge itself to overcome and everybody has a different motive for doing it. Sometimes, the same person may have various reasons for procrastinating on different tasks.

The key to overcoming procrastination is to find out the exact reason behind it. Then you need to address the reasons at the core. Let’s explore a few causes of procrastination and the cure of it.

  • Sometimes you notice a new mole that has appeared on your skin. You start getting panicked about it like it may be cancerous, so you don’t want it to get checked out and hope it goes away on its own.

Does it sound similar to you?

Sometimes we are afraid of taking action because we think that it may reveal a truth we do not want to hear.

Researchers from the University of Michigan studied that misinformation remains in one’s memory and continues to influence their mind, even if the person knows that they are mistaken. The study also says that it is also important to identify the environment where that person has grown up. The person is likely to use misinformation, especially if it fits with his existing beliefs and makes a logical story.

  • Another main reason causes procrastination is the fear of failure. When we underperform in a task, procrastination becomes a good excuse.

Fear is a product of our imagination. Some researches proved that procrastination is directly proportional to the fear of failure.

  • There are certain jobs that make us feel like scratching our eyes out, they are so monotonous. This can be connected to poor emotional regulation and forecast negativity.

An interesting research, done by Matt Killingsworth says that the level of people’s happiness while engaged in series of tasks and observed that even people engage in the most unpopular activities were happier if they were focused on that task, instead of mind wandering.

  • Even if a task is very interesting, sometimes it is hard to stay focused. The moment you lose your focus is the moment you lose your motivation from that particular task. And then the thought of sitting back at home and watching TV is more appealing than sweating away in the gym.
  • Sometimes due to - lack of understanding of oneself properly, people underestimate their instinctive drive, behaviors, and preferences. And it depends on one’s state of mind.

Like if a person is angry, it is hard for that person to picture himself being calm and composed. The inability to reduce the empathy gap can cause a negative outcome in life. Motivation lies within empathy. The more you understand yourself the more you feel motivated for doing tasks.

Every human being is unique and they have different reasons for their procrastination. In general, procrastination follows a general pattern but individuals may procrastinate for various reasons. The process to overcome the problem is to identify your personal reason and take the action accordingly. So, every human needs a unique treatment or healing process for their procrastination problem.

Waves2cure offers therapeutic Bio-Resonance healing services for mankind using advanced technology in quantum physics. They make you realize your increased productivity, motivation, focus and concentration which will ultimately help you to overcome procrastination problems.

Bio-resonance is a type of treatment that emits scalar waves on a photograph or DNA sample to create a resonance that is able to cancel out the negative frequencies of the cell within our bodies. Then the device matches the frequencies and cancels out the negative energy of procrastination and laziness. This process also boosts your brain power.

Waves2cure recovers your mind, body, and soul from the negative energy and raises your consciousness allowing you to receive the positive energy.

At Waves2cure you can have the most affordable, effective healing results which will help you to live a better life.

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