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Lawn Care Using Scalar Waves

Lawn Care Using Scalar Waves

A beautiful and lively lawn brings extra grace to your home which makes it more elegant and joyful. people use their lawn in many ways by growing beautiful plants or children can use the lawn as their playground during the favorable seasons but have you ever thought what negative effects you can have once your graceful lawn becomes affected by negative elements or pollution? this will create a negative environment around your home as a lawn brings harmony to any home. Dry or grey grasses destroys the beauty of any lawn.

Fertilizing plays one of the most important roles as it is very important in plant growth. Knowing the proper way of using fertilization helps you to make your lawn fresh and lively. Lack of nutrients can make the grasses look dull and dead and spoil the positivity as well. Grasses and trees proper amount of oxygen to for their growth but when the soil gets compacted, oxygen fails to reach the root of any plant which causes dead plants.

Apart from this, Irregular watering, dry climate or inadequate mowing can be the reasons for a dead lawn that spoils the beauty of the entire place. So, if you are thinking about removing all the negativity around you and your home which is affecting you and your family, it’s important you take care of each place properly.

Negative energy is unavoidable energy or power which can impact anything at any given point of time. It’s not possible for us to visualize the negative particles or energy around us but these always influence our way of thinking and behavior.

The best way to remove these negative energies is to replace them with positive energies. Bio-resonance or Scalar Waves energies is a particular technique that can be used for releasing all toxic powers that surround you. Through this, individuals can have the opportunity to fill their houses with positivity and make their lawn more beautiful and attractive.

What is covered in this bio-resonance lawn care healing program?

  • Align Lawn Energy.  Remove blockages and align lawn energy
  • Lawn Vitality.  Improve lawn vitality
  • Acid-Alkaline Balancing.  Balance acid-alkaline level of the lawn
  • Lawn Life Force.  Enhance the life force of the lawn
  • Nutrients.  Replenish 12+ nutrients necessary for healthy lawn growth
  • Soil Vibrations.  Harmonize soil vibrations with the lawn
  • Toxic Chemical Impacts.  Minimize negative impacts of the toxic chemicals on the lawn
  • Poison Impacts.  Minimize the negative impact of the poison on the lawn
  • Environment & Pollution Impacts.  Minimize the negative impact of the environment and pollution on the lawn.

Different levels of broadcasting intensity and duration for different areas of the lawn for the best result. You will get a total of 4 repetitions of all sessions and a total of 12 days of broadcasting spread in one month.

Why choose WAVES2CURE™?

  • Total 6+ years of experience in Bio-resonance Healing
  • Professional Service
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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