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How to Deal With Abandonment- An Emotional State

How to Deal With Abandonment- An Emotional State

Abandoned is usually defined as someone being left deserted, it could either be a case where someone is left out or cut off from their family right after their birth or might be left out after being in a relationship with someone for a long time. These two cases though similar are completely different from each other, the former case though tragic, doesn’t leave one with a lasting scar or emotional impact in their lives as they  usually tend to become more independent and emotionally matured from a very young age and also, before even comprehending the real feeling of desertion, they become well-adjusted with their environment no matter how hostile or worse it maybe and that’s because of the power of adaptability that each one of us are gifted with.

Our mind and body usually always find a way to adapt with our surroundings and situation no matter how much adverse impact that situation may have in our lives. But it may not be as easy as it sounds, as mentioned in the above two scenarios the feeling of desertion or being abandoned, effect different people in different way, as already discussed, people are left out since birth handle the feeling of being abandoned in a much more stable way, compared to those who are faced with similar circumstances right in the middle of their lives without any support from others. The situation usually tends to be different or difficult for those unfortunate few, for whom the feeling is very new and for these people the impact from the feeling of desertion or being abandoned is very real and harmful. In most of the cases the people who are suddenly deserted in their lives tends to be more depressed than others the reason being that, since the feeling is new for them, without proper help from others, they are usually confused on how to deal with it openly and this leaved them vulnerable to all kind of negative emotions, thoughts or maybe a pessimistic approach towards their own lives.

Most people in such a case tends to question their existence and usually places the blame on themselves because of the situation they have been subjected to.” Why did this happen to me? ”—this is the most commonly asked question asked by people who goes through such an emotional trauma, and such a feeling is usually accompanied by guilt towards their own self and also loneliness which plays a significant role in making the situation much worse and traumatic. This trauma, if not cured during its initial manifestation pushes people towards depression or at worse towards a suicidal tendency where the person feels like that the only way to cure oneself from such a traumatic instance to take his or her own life, and this is where the feeling of being abandoned leads to something which is tragic and dangerous at the same time.

How WAVES2CURETM can help you overcome these harmful emotions-

  1. The experienced team will help you to understand the negative consequences of holding back negative emotions.
  2. Our team will be supporting you through the entire process of Bio-Resonance Healing Program so that people stay motivated and positive.
  3. WAVES2CURETM will be working on Scalar Waves Frequencies in order to provide the right amount of energy healing vibrations.
  4. Through this kind healing session, people may find their lost spiritual power which is one of the most important aspect in life.

We all will agree that in life, we may have to face lot of incidents which will not be considered as good memories, but people with optimistic outlook have the benefit to fight off the unwanted emotions that are causing so many unhealthy situations in our life. No human is perfect and everyone’s body consists of two kind of emotions- negative and positive. Now, it’s not in our control to change the predestined situations to come in our life but we can develop a positive mind set through which we can prevent these negative emotions from affecting our overall health. In Bio-Resonance Healing process, the positive wavelengths help destroy the toxic energies which already exist within us. Those positive energy vibrations fill our body with positive energies that make our life worth living.